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My photographic work breaks the rules of representational photography (what people expect photographs to be) to get closer to the essence of my subject, making the unseen seen. My first series an invitation to ‘Awaken the Senses’ was a gift to myself blended from mindfulness and photography. Drawing inspiration from the idyllic waters of Dublin Bay and the rugged coastline and landscape of the West of Ireland. I slowed down to ‘just be’ noticing ‘what resonates with me’ and ‘why’. Continuing the theme of Awakening the Senses my new personal series is curated to prompt conversations with all senses and not just sight. 


My “Treasured Moments” & How I Connect These to My Work

Honouring my Nana and her never-ending belief in me to do whatever I set out to do.


Buddhist teacher Suzuki Roshi says “The most important thing is to remember the most important thing".


I have always had a strong emotional connection to the sea and Nana always had a similar connection to nature. My eureka moment came as I watched a single flower bloom throughout 2020. Drawing energy and vitality from this beautiful purple blossom ignited treasured moments with new dimensions. The colour purple represents Nana’s femininity, gracefulness and unconditional love. An intuitive soul, who loved dancing I embodied my ICM abstract style/technique which always involves me dancing and swaying to Irish folk and Celtic music as I photograph. Honing in on the form, colour and light, I love the unique results from my ICM. A wonderful treasured surprise!

Treasured Moments 2022

An international art exhibit featuring Women Artists from around the world


Editor: Charuka Arora, Founder Arts To Hearts Project

Guest Curators: Juliana Naufel & Twiggy Boyer, Co-founders Photo Trouvee Magazine

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