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I've been photographing beautiful faces and life moments for many years. I have always had a deep need for my creative outlet. In the latter years, I have had a few too many creative slumps - it was like I just ran out of gas! Trusting my instincts I switched up and headed to my favourite spot on Dollymount Beach, camera in hand. At that moment all that mattered was capturing the feeling, healing and escapism that was unfolding in front of me. My heart began to flutter with excitement again!

Through my work, I wish to "Bring You on a Sensing Journey" to see the beauty within and around us, to encourage a dialogue about being in the moment and letting go of learned ways of doing things. Photography has taught me - 

  • when you tap into who you really are, what your values are and what you really want everything else becomes easy,

  • to always look deeper and observe the small details that can often be missed,

  • there is no such thing as bad light. Expand my 'time' capture window,

  • beauty has no expiration date!

I'm a proud member of Nature First: The Alliance for  Responsible Nature Photography. I'm dedicated to following the Nature First Principles.

Favourite Quote - 

“Why limit yourself to what your eyes see when you have such an opportunity to extend your vision?” ~ Iconic Photographer Mr. Edward Weston​

Nature First
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Lisa captures the essence of what lives within the subjects that she shoots. Taking away the noise, her images pull you into a deep, authentic and serene connection with the living quality of the subject of her art and with yourself as the witness of the photos.  Her images are a loving and sincere tribute to the essence she captures of her subjects inviting you a mindful, blissful state of presence and beholding. Thank You, Vanessa Sheehan


Lisa's work is truly beautiful. Colourscape graces the wall of my home office adding brightness, colour and energy within this vital space. Thank You, Sarah Geoghegan

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